Wednesday, May 15, 2019

Restarting syslog/rsyslog on VCSA 6.5

The syslog service is no more directly exposed on VCSA 6.5: it seems that VMware has removed the log collection feature from this release of the VCSA - possibly to push you to use LogInsight.

The actual syslog of the VCSA is configured so that it WILL receive the logs sent to it by network, and will store them in /storage/log/vmware/: but it will fail to do log rotation so the filesystem will eventually fill-up.

To solve the issue all machines that are sending remote syslog to the VCSA must be set up NOT to do so anymore and the files have to be deleted manually: then, rsyslog must be restarted on the VCSA.

Since it is an internal VCSA service, it will have to be restarted with "systemctl":

  systemctl restart syslog

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