Friday, October 30, 2015

how to mount a CDROM under ESXi

esxcfg-mpath -l

Example output:

   Runtime Name: vmhba32:C0:T0:L0
   Device: mpx.vmhba32:C0:T0:L0
   Device Display Name: Local TEAC CD-ROM (mpx.vmhba32:C0:T0:L0)
    State: active
   Transport: ide

Load the iso9660 module with this command:

vmkload_mod iso9660

Mount the CDROM using the device determined earlier with esxcfg-mpath -l:

/sbin/vsish -e set /vmkModules/iso9660/mount mpx.vmhba32:C0:T0:L0

The CDROM will be mounted under /vmfs/volumes/ [CDROM Label] /


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